Project Archetype

Martin Maguire
Masters in Creative Practice

I use photography to create image content for Film / TV distribution and theatrical release.
My work is concerned primarily with the narrative structure within the image while also developing new methods of exhibition and interaction.

Inspiration for this current project comes from my interest in Archetypes; which I see as imprinted on the unconscious and resistant to change, while the individual is constantly changing; in a state of permanent flux.
I intended to represent this relationship by using the film Negative as the Imprint with the spectator signifying flux.

These individual portraits are of various actors and dancers who have interpreted specific archetypes through performance. The viewer is free to engage directly with each image via Augmented Reality (AR) and a smart device. Interaction is possible by using the app which is available to download. Scan any of the QR codes under each portrait for more details.