Project Archetype

Creative Statement

As a photographer my work is primarily concerned with the narrative structure within the image while also developing new methods of exhibition and interaction. I am fascinated by the depictions of Archetypical characters in literature, Film and Art throughout history and how they retain relevance and intersect now with a digital world.

Inspiration for my current research project comes from this interest in these Archetypes. I see them as imprinted on the unconscious and resistant to change while the individual is constantly changing; in a state of permanent flux. I am exploring this relationship and looking to represent it photographically by using the film negative as the Imprint with the spectator signifying flux.As part of the development process I have created portraits of various actors and dancers who have interpreted specific archetypes through performance. Using Augmented Reality, I am facilitating the viewer to interact directly with the work and experience a moment of ‘magic’ as a virtual object appears in their current reality. This dynamic of real/unreal underpins the ethos of the current work and drives the investigation into methods of display.

The finished prints are digitally manipulated from the film negative and printed onto Dura-trans transparency paper then housed within a back lit display. Interaction is possible via a VR app accessed through QR codes sited adjacent to the work.